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Luzcid Manipulates Reality with Magic EP

by Tyrone Basket

Neil Berry, known in the bass world as Luzcid, describes his sound as a sonic odyssey. With intentions of guiding listeners through intense auditory adventures, Luzcid warps time and space to create a sound some may call space bass. Channeling inspiration from various sub-genres, the Wakaan bass producer continues the story of dreams turning into reality with his latest mind-bending EP titled Magic.

Released on October 15th, Magic consists of six tracks designed explicitly to disintegrate the line between the dream world and the real world. Through sonic vibrations and far-out frequencies, Luzcid encourages listeners to immerse themselves into this mystical realm and come face to face with the unknown. While this concept might seem terrifying, it is the only way to open the door to new possibilities.

Magic entertains the law of attraction

Released initially as the EP’s first single, Magic gently eases you into Luczid’s dreamlike world. Teaming up with the keyboard wizard Jason Leech, Luzcid sets the record’s tone with Erie soundscapes and goopy bass. It is here that Luzcid reminds the listener that dreams and reality are ultimately inseparable.

“Sometimes when I am dreaming, if I close my eyes and concentrate really, really hard on something, I can open my eyes, and it will be right in front of me. Exactly how I imagined it. It’s not like I am making it appear out of thin air. I just understand it has been there all along. It’s like magic,” a childlike voice proclaims.  Luzcid is entertaining the idea of manifestation and the law of attraction. If you can imagine something, you can transform it into a reality through thoughts and emotions.

Luzcid flows between wonky bass and lo-fi beats

Luzcid’s ability to switch between styles and genres is evident throughout Magic. The Wakaan producer effortlessly blends mesmerizing bass with chill ambient soundscapes. Tracks like Ancient Forrest, Goosebumps, and Just Flow are heavy and deep, while the trippy sounds of Crunch featuring Jizzy Fra lull you into a hypnotic state.

Save Me brings a pop/punk aesthetic

The closing track, Save Me, brings the record together as Luzcid pairs pop/punk-inspired lyrics with epic bass and awe-inspiring melodies. As the chorus repeats, “I’m Drowning, I can’t breathe, I need you, so please come save me,” you get a sense that you’re getting closer and closer to the unknown. While venturing into the unknown is frightening and uncertain, Luzcid sees it as a necessary step into discovering new possibilities.

Overall, Magic is an inspiring dive into the void. Filled with psychedelic soundscapes and otherworldly frequencies, Luzcid transports the listener deep into the dream realm. Yet, at the same time, he reminds us that those dreams could, in fact, become a reality through the power of our thoughts. Just like Magic.

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