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EAZYBAKED Expands Their Sound With Debut Album ‘Intertwined’

by Tyrone Basket

It is no secret that Eric Ray and Andrew Principe, known as the duo EAZYBAKED have been stirring up noise in the electronic community for some time now. Known for their rambunctious bass, experimental soundscapes, and raw arrangments, the Orlando duo has established themselves as innovators for the underground bass scene. Combining a plethora of genres to create a sound all their own, EAZYBAKED takes their fans on a unique auditory adventure with each and every release. However, like all true artists, EAZYBAKED is not set on sticking with the sounds that broke them into stardom. Instead, they yearn for something more. Instead of focusing on creating banger after banger, they set their sights on something more substantial and timeless. With their debut album titled Intertwined they did just that.

EAZYBAKED Evolves With Intertwined

Released on March 4, while the duo was promptly throwing down at Okeechobee Music Festival, Intertwined is EAZYBAKED’s most impressive project in their discography. The full-length 10 track EP features bass music heavyweights Of The Trees and VCTRE as the only features. While the two collaborations fit perfectly into the layout of the album, EAZYBAKED allows their new sound to shine throughout. Blending new styles of emotional experimental bass with undertones of their signature sound the Orlando duo has created a record that’s both unique and revolutionary. Whether it’s the wonky basslines on Simulated or the free-flowing soundscapes on Distant Voices Intertwined hits on all levels.

Listen to EAZYBAKED’s Intertwined on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform.

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