Josh Teed Drifts to New Dimensions With ‘Recurring Dreams’

Carl Jung once stated, “a dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul.” But what is that door, and what, in actuality, are dreams? Are they portals to alternate realities? Are they messages transmitted from the divine? Are they a deep analysis of our waking life deriving from the subconscious? Or are dreams just intensified figments of our imagination? For Josh Teed, the multi-instrumentalist turned bass producer, the answer is not so simple. Visited by the same recurring dream throughout his life, he has not only immersed himself in the wondrous world of dreams but has documented his journey, through sound and vibrations with his latest album, Recurring Dreams.

Released on Friday, December 2, through Gravitas Recordings, Recurring Dreams is filled with celestial soundscapes and mind-melting wubs that take you deep past the subconscious into the unknown. Spanning across eight tracks, Josh Teed ingeniously fuses live instrumentation with heavy bass to create a sound that’s both timeless and experimental. Whether he is blasting you into oblivion with soul-crushing bass or calming your spirit with meditative ballads, Recurring Dreams is a mesmerizing sonic experience you won’t want to miss out on. 

Recurring Dreams is Based On Actual Dreams

Not only has Josh Teed captured the essence of the intangible realm we drift off to each night, but he has used his musical genius to depict his experiences of his own dreamland. Bringing forth a cinematic approach, Recurring Dreams takes listeners on a tripped-out transformative journey into Josh’s subconscious. From the ethereal vibe of the album opener, Nightmare Sonata, to the beautifully heavy and harmonic sounds of the closing track, Zones of Reality, the Denver -based producer is able to construct a cohesive story through sound.

Josh Teed Captures the Various Characteristics of Dreams

It is no secret that there are various characteristics of dreams. From absurd scenarios that seem real to euphoric adventures and horrifying nightmares, dreams tend to come with their own set of emotions, whether that be happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love, or hate. By displaying a raw sense of versatility as a producer, Josh Teed explores every type of dream as he flows through soothing, introspective instrumentals and chaotic beats fueled by deep heavy bass. Whether it’s the death-defying bass drops on Ancient Illusions feat. Shanghai Doom or the chilled-out dreamy tones of Memories of a Past Life featuring Izzi, Josh Teed is able to effortlessly blend a multitude of genres and styles into one cohesive sound.

Josh Teed Expands on his Signature Sound

Recurring Dreams is more than an exploration of the dream world and the dimensions within it. Josh Teed uses the record as a means to bridge the gap between live instrumentation and bass music while pushing the sound to places it’s never been before. 

 “Recurring Dreams was a labor of love, taking just over two years to finish. The vision behind it was to push the envelope regarding the marriage of instrumentalism and melody with experimental sound design and heavy bass. There is an immense range throughout the project, from dark and heavy tunes, to the beautiful and ethereal side, I wanted it to encompass the full range of emotion.”Josh explained. 

Utilizing instruments like the violin Josh Teed is able to expand on his signature style and blend classical instrumentation and heavy bass to form a sound that is equally magnetic, psychedelic, and truly thought-provoking. 

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