DMVU Creates Sonic Utopia With ‘Little Castles, Swim to Me’

Have you ever had a psychedelic experience, a dream as you will, which felt so new but, at the same time, felt strangely familiar? Almost as if, for a single moment, you were transported back to a place where there is no time or space. A place where you existed before you became who you are today. A place that always is and always was. Maybe that place actually exists, or perhaps it’s just an illusion; however, those feeling you encounter while in that dream couldn’t feel more real. With Little Castles, Swim to Me, Denver’s DMVU is able to transport listeners into that lucid realm through beautiful soundscapes and immersive melodies that soothe the soul.

Released on December 2, Little Castles, Swim to Me is DMVU’s third studio album and completes his trilogy following Two Pairs Of Eyes, Gazing Only At Each Other, and Praise Be Delusion, Or The Ripple.

Little Castles, Swim to Me is a Beautiful Trip

Channeling consciousness through sound, DMVU takes us on a beautiful trip from beginning to end with Little Castles, Swim to Me. Opening with The Things I Left Unsaid, the Denver producer layers easy and soft melodies over fluttering birds sporadically singing as an ethereal voice depicts a story of spiritual amnesia. “Started imagining. It was the funniest feeling. Almost as though I belonged there. So many memories back then,” the voice recites. “I knew if I worked hard enough, I’d remember who I was.” This track sets the tone for the whole album as DMVU introduces us to the experience and journey we are about to embark on.

Chrysanthemums then gradually picks up the pace as harmonizing atmospheres, and vibrant soundscapes capture the essence of the dream-like world DMVU resides in. Leading into The Ghost in My Window, the vibe gets a little more chaotic as lively percussion begins to drive you deeper into the matrix. Then, Fold Ur Heart rides the sonic waves of the previous track as drippy beats and aquatic-like sounds take you to a new place of complete ecstasy.

The next track is Digging, which blends heavy yet vibrant frequencies that are bright and bouncy, setting an ambiance that’s both cool and serene. Say Something (hello), the Interlude, and Run (seasons) provide profound and experimental beats while adding a raw sense of emotion to the record as a whole. Up next is This Song Was Easy, where DMVU fuses chopped-up soundscapes into dreamy synths creating a haunting yet alluring experience.

To round out the masterpiece that is Little Castles, Swim To Me, No Love, Haikus About Nothing, and The Hands That Broke, Embrace captures your spirit through downtempo melodies and heartwarming ballads of sound. Finally, Where Do I Go completes the journey through swifting atmospheres and psychedelic vocals doused in nostalgia floating in euphoric bliss.

DMVU Showcases his Versatility as a Producer

It is no secret that the DMVU is one of the most talented and versatile artists in the game. With an incredible ability to paint vivid pictures with sound, he takes listeners on transformative journeys through space and time with his productions. Little Castles, Swim to Me is no different. While bass may be his forte, DMVU once again proves he has the ability to bring his sound to the opposite side of the spectrum and create music that’s emotionally provocative, awe-inspiring, and beautifully unique.


You can listen to Little Castles, Swim to Me HERE!

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