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AVELLO and Simona Shao Strike With Euphoria on ‘Just Hold On’

by Tyrone Basket

Following a massive summer playing festivals like Moonrise and venues like Echo Stage, the rising Florida producer AVELLO has graced us with yet another emotion-fueled single, Just Hold On with Simona Shao. Released today, September 30, Just Hold On is driven by Shao’s sensational vocal work while showcasing AVELLO’s vast reach as a producer.

The track begins with Shao’s ethereal voice as she effortlessly sings her heartfelt lyrics over gentle strings and all-encompassing atmospheres. “And you won’t change, but that’s okay, we’ll make it tonight, just hold on for the ride,” she recites before AVELLO blasts you into nostalgic bliss with a melodic drop that’s both beautiful and captivating. 

” ‘Just Hold On’ is about looking into a crowded room, and the only thing you see is the person you love. The lyrics come from a place of remembering the feelings and emotions that flood in when you think about your person, and how you’d be happy and feel whole with just the two of you forever, floating away into space,” Simona Shao explained. “It highlights the idea of taking a chance on love, saying “fuck it” to always choosing the safe route, and not hesitating to make yourself happy.” 

You can stream ‘Just Hold On’ by AVELLO and Simona Shao HERE!

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