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Smoakland Strikes With Blunt Fueled Force On ‘Stay In Your Lane…’

by Tyrone Basket

Smoakland just dropped. Do you mind if I smoke? The weed-smokin’,’ heavy-bass droppin’ duo from the Bay Area just unleashed their hard-hitting sophomore album Stay In Your Lane…. Released on Friday, November 3, Stay In Your Lane… is a gripping 11-track sonic experience filled with smoked-out soundscapes and provocative bass that gets the people going. Meticulously ordered to be listened to from start to finish, the record is more than just a collection of songs but a sonic narrative designed to spark feelings of love, introspection, and, most importantly, action.

Stay In Your Lane… is a genre-bending masterpiece.

Stepping outside their signature bass-heavy style, Stay In Your Lane… explores a multitude of sounds as Smoakland creates a record that’s both gutsy and impactful. As the hip-hop heavy opener Mind If I Smoke feat. Chuuwee began, the first thing that came to mind was Mac Miller’s alter ego, Delusional Thomas, meets dubstep. Things then took a turn as  Look What You’ve Done and Falling Again feat. Tiedye Ky had me floating in emotion while tracks like Never Go Back with Inzo and Borrowed Time feat. Amanda Movio seem to transcend space and time with their abstract waves of sound.

Unwilling to be boxed into one particular genre, it’s clear the duo consisting of Anthony Battaglia and Harrison Hays aimed to break down any barrier fans or critics may have placed on them. Creating everything from hip-hop-infused dubstep to soul-stirring drum and bass and emotion-fueled melodic beats, Stay In Your Lane… serves as a testament to Smoakland’s artistic reach and defiant demeanor. 

Stay In Your Lane… is a rebellious stance against societal norms. 

The Smoakland boys not only lash out against musical expectations but challenge the script society places on us all. From the moment we are born, we are told how the world works and to do things in a certain way until we are ultimately conditioned to be like everyone else.  “All our lives, we’ve been told what we’re supposed to do and make,” Anthony reflects. Stay In Your Lane… is an album for those who defy the cookie-cutter expectations of society and blaze their trail to break out of the matrix. 

In today’s world, nobody bats an eye when you’re working a 9-5 or striving for something “attainable.” But when you crave something more out of life, suddenly, everyone has something to say as they try to displace their insecurities and fears on you. “Parents tried to structure me; they wanted something else for me. I always fought against the grain,” Harry explains. 

Smoakland strikes with heavy bass.  

While Smoakland ventures into realms of hazy synths and chilled-out beats, their sophomore album is still riddled with plenty of face-melting bass. From the monstrous anthem That’s What I’m Talking About to Hella Cold and All In My Head with Jason Leech, Stay In Your Lane… is filled with electrifying festival bangers that appease any bass head.

With Stay In Your Lane… Smoakland not only tells of a story inspiring listeners to follow their passion but one that serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder not to give a fuck what anyone thinks. Through heavy dubstep, hypnotic beats, and a rebellious swagger, they lay down their blueprint to success and, in doing so, prove you can achieve anything you put your mind to as long as you stay true to yourself and refuse to stay in your lane.

Photos courtesy Nathan Lane.

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